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Summer Schedule July 15, 2014


April is a Spring Celebration!! April 14, 2014

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April’s Theme:
Spring Celebration

Is it time to thaw out and emerge from our winter hibernation? I sure hope so! There is much over-due celebration this spring! Check out the Upcoming celebration for April’s classes! 

April Vacation Special!

Earth Day Yoga Play-date
Tuesday April 22
10-11 AM
$10 per child

Happy spring! Let’s celebrate the earth, spring and all things new beginning and nature in this April Vacation Children’s Yoga Play-Date. Growing from the ground up in this special vacation week practice. We’ll practice a little bit of ‘to-ga’ in a fun games involving the toes; playing a spin off of the gym class game messy back-yard we’ll challenge our toes and our balance to clear our yoga mats of ‘debris.’ As we move into our practice we’ll imagine ourselves as tress, flowers and other garden items as we transform our bodies into our imaginative garden scenes. in this yoga play-date celebration of Earth, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself as you imagine, stretch and movement inspired by Earth Day!

Reserve your spot now, RSVP today!

Monthly Children’s Yoga:
April 12th 1 – 2 pm
(please note the slight time change)
(7 – 11 years old)

Future Dates:
 5/10 (Here comes the Circus!); 6/14
What will a Spring Celebration be like for children’s and family yoga?

Join your children in Family Yoga a fun and playful yoga class. Rest assured, childen’s yoga will also enjoy a blast of Spring Celebration too! Yoga fun for everyone! Be ready to wiggle those toes around, for a little to-ga yoga. We’ll work our toes, getting them limbered up from the long winter of boot season. Building up from our base, will wiggle around like emerging animals from a winter’s hibernation. We will grow into spring’s bloom of flowers, trees and animals to celebrate the changing season and engage the body and mind in imaginative play through Yoga. Next we will go on a mini-imagination exploration through the story guidance of the Listening Walk by Paul Showers to slow our busy bodies and bring our focus inward to unwind. Sign up today to reserve your spot in the Spring Celebration, Children’s and Family Yoga style!

Monthly Family Yoga

April 19th 1 – 2 pm

Future dates:

5/17 (It’s a Circus Act!); 6/21

1 – 2 pm

Each Session’s Fees:
$10/family pair; $5/each additional child

to save your spot and enjoy the fun, please register here

Happy Hour Yoga!

One hour Hatha Yoga class for adults! Let’s unwind after work and join me for a weekly one hour yoga class. 


April 3, 10, 17, 24

4 weeks for $40
$12 drop-in’s

Let the Spring Celebration theme carry into the adult class. This may seem a little crazy, but let’s take a moment to imagine our yoga practice to be like a spring garden unfolding and growing with each time we enter our practice space. Each week we will build and grow within our practice, like an internal garden. Starting out at out base, like a seed in the ground with a focus on grounding our practice in our feet, legs and seat in our first week together. From the ground up we will grow into a twisting, and cleansing practice; like the cleaning, clearing and aerating of our garden’s soil. Next we’ll bring our attention to opening our hearts from front to back. In heart openers and forward folds, we can allow our inner heart-flower to blossom and shine. With each week, and each time we meet with our practice space an opportunity to tend your inner garden presents itself. Over time new insights will emerge, about yourself and the world around you. Re-connecting breath, mind, and body through the movement and poses of yoga.

In this hour long Hatha yoga class we can unwind to create a peaceful transition from work life to home life. My style of teaching generally follows a predictive rhythm from class to class. This rhythm allows us to recharging with gentle flowing sun salutations, stabilize and strengthen in standing poses, reconnecting with forward folds and rinsing it all out in a few twisting poses.  Incorporating a breathwork  practice enables us to set our stresses free. Ending class with a short guided meditation, helping to ease the mind and body during our practice together.

Musical Monday Yoga 
 Monday April 7, 14 and 28 
7-8 PM with Julie Z
$30 or $12 drop in
Live music on April 14!
Moving though a flowing series of yoga poses, set to a weekly playlist. With each week’s practice we’ll enjoy a calming series of yoga poses and songs as we set the pace for our week. We’ll have a little fun with some songs, moving and grooving into good moods and positive outlooks; sink into poses with relaxing songs, and challenge ourselves playfully throughout our practice. Our playlist will vary week to week, with occasional live, local artists to enhance our practice together. Fusing the meditative practice of live musical performance, awareness in musical creation and the moment of body and breath.  
Our first live, acoustic performance is set for April 14, reserve your spot today as spaces are limited!

New to the Schedule….adult’s classes! :) February 11, 2014

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Happy Hour Yoga!

4-5 pm

February 13
First class Free

February 20 & 27th
two dates for $15 

March 6, 13, 20 & 27
4 weeks for $40
$12 drop-in’s

One hour yoga class for adults! I have completed my 200 hour yoga training through Aura Wellness Center. I am now certified, excited and ready to teach adult classes. Let’s unwind after work and join me for a weekly one hour yoga class. 

Re-connecting breath, mind, and body through the movement and poses of yoga. We will unwind with an hour of yoga, creating a peaceful transition from work life to home life. Recharging with gentle flowing sun salutations, reconnecting with forward folds and rinsing it all out with some twists.  Incorporating a breathwork  practice enables us to set our stresses free. Ending class with a short guided meditation, helping to ease the mind and body during our practice together.

 If this sounds like a yoga class for you, please sign up Earthsong Yoga


Children’s Yoga Play-Date, February 22nd!

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*New Day and Time*

Monthly Children’s Yoga Play-Date
(7 – 11 years old)
February 22nd
1 – 3 pm

Children’s Yoga Play-Date expands on the weekly children’s yoga. Enjoy a playful and fun yoga class, especially for older children; each yoga play-date begins with centering activities, calming breathwork and a sun salutation. From there we will develop our skills in yoga with a sequence of poses fostering skills necessary for a developing a routine practice. We will focus on building our skills for some challenging poses in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Bring a friend or make new friends in class as we will also enjoy a few group and partner poses as well! We will end our class with a relaxation song in starfish pose for Savasana.


February’s Feature:
Superhero Yoga Play-Date

Get ready to pull on your capes and superhero costumes, we are transforming out practice into a superhero yoga class! Incorporating a variety of super heroes like the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and so many more! We will pretend to be superheroes with our yoga poses, play a game of rescue as if we really are these superheroes. Going a bit further with the superheroes, we will explore the world of real world superheroes, our very own community helpers like fire fighters, police, and emergency rescuers to name just a few! Exploring their daily adventures, we will explore how they too are real life superheroes. Just when you think we have fully explored the wonderful world of superheroes, there is more! We will conclude our superhero exploration with a bit of self-reflection on how you too can be a superhero, yes YOU. We can all be a superhero in our own special way. It does take the ability to fly, see through walls or bend steal with your bare hands to be a superhero. If this sounds like a yoga class for you, please sign up Earthsong Yoga

February’s Family Yoga, Feb. 15th!

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Special Event Saturday:

Family Yoga at Earthsong Yoga Studio!

Saturday February 15th
1 – 2 pm


Family yoga classes begin with a welcome song, centering activity and calming breathwork. We continue class by warming our bodies up with a few gentle movements and a sun salutation. A few poses will be introduced as either a mini-sequence or an introduction to a yoga themed game. Inspired by Valentines Day, we will enjoy a few heart openers and partner poses. A fun yoga theme to delight the whole family! After a few new poses are introduced we enjoy a playful and imaginative yoga themed game, featuring a few yoga poses. Depending on the groups interests, a story or guided meditation is introduced to begin lowering our energy level, readying us for our relaxation pose in a Savasana, or starfish pose for the really young.
Future dates:

3/15; 4/19; 5/17; 6/21

1 – 2 pm

Each Session’s Fees:
$10/family pair; $5/each additional child

to save your spot and enjoy the fun, please register here


January’s newsletter! January 8, 2014

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January’s newsletter!

Check out the newsletter for January! Click on the title to see what all the fun is about!

1/18/2014: Saturday’s Family Yoga Day!


A Special Children’s Yoga Play – Date, December 14th December 11, 2013

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Children enjoy an afternoon of Yoga and games while the parents enjoy some much needed down time from the rush of the holiday season. The children experience an extended children’s yoga class involving a mini-yoga class, 2-3 yoga themed games and a small craft. November 30th was a blast, crafting our own gratitude tree, playing musical yoga mat, and we made use of the walls for a few poses! Come prepared for an afternoon yoga fun and game!

In the spirit of gifting this holiday season, the registrations from the yoga play-date will be donated to  an organization that is special to me, Big Brother Big Sister of Central Mass. Having been a volunteer mentor in the past, I have seen the positive effect a mentor relationship can have on a young child. The big/little relationship helps the child for a life-time, providing a positive role model for the child.  Registration from these classes will be donated to Big Brother Big Sister of Central Mass, to be given to the families and children supported by this mentor agency. 

register online

please RSVP by December 12th

$15/child; $5/additional child of same family

I hope to see you on the mat at
Earthsong Yoga Studio
186 Main St, 2nd floor
Marlborough, Ma
(508) 251 – 9620



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